Season 1. Episode 5. 

How to Attract and retain donors 

Featuring LaChelle Binion, MBA  

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Lachelle Binion, MBA is a nonprofit professional, vision coach and blogger. Lachelle has over ten years’ experience working with organizations in the areas of strategic programming, engagement, and nonprofit fund development. Within her current position, she is the Director of Alumni Engagement with Carlow University and works to assist her team with strategic planning, engagement, programming and fundraising strategies. Lachelle also writes for her blog, in which she discusses strategies to move you from purpose to impact and is the founder/creator of the Grants, Grit and More Facebook group.

As a graduate of Carlow University’s MBA (2013) and Masters of Organizational Leadership (2011)programs, Lachelle has held roles in the fields of Marketing, Community Relations, and Nonprofit Development. In addition, she is very active in her community recently serving as, Chair of the Board of Cultivating Resilient Youth and recently served as the 2016 Chapter President for the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Black MBA Association and 2015 President of the YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh Young Leaders Board

Key Points from the Episode:

1. Donor engagement is ongoing process. Don't only reach out to donors once. Their is power is connection and consistency. 

2. Don't underestimate the power of traditional marketing such as direct mail. 

3. Thank you cards can increase your impact. 

4. Don't make it difficult for others to give your organization. Have the proper payment processors in place. 


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