Season 1: Episode 2

Using Search Engine Optimimzation (SEO) to Expand Your REach Featuring April Mechler


Please note: The April issue of Nonprofit Marketing Magazine is no longer available. 

April Mechler is your Chief Marketing Nerd. She’s an online marketing strategist and web designer who helps entrepreneurs and organizations grow through social media, SEO, email, and web strategy.

As a former journalist, she researches and uses hands-on testing to cut through the “hottest” marketing trends so busy professionals only focus their time and energy on what’s going to get results.

After working for several small businesses and multi-million dollar companies, in 2016 April and her equally nerdy partner opened their own web development and SEO firm - FUSED. Today, they help clients create converting online homes and communities for businesses all across the globe.

In 2017, April and her partner started FUSEDlive, a free, weekly broadcast on Facebook to help educate website owners and empower them to take control of their site. They use their platform to answer Live questions from viewers and share their nerdy love of the Internet.

This year, she's made it her mission to put a stop to bad online marketing. Her weekly Live on Instagram, #AMSocialChat, is geared toward providing free marketing guidance to business owners and marketing professionals.

In her imaginary spare time, she’s training for her first 5k, rescues animals, watches Netflix, and reads an unhealthy amount of books on her Kindle.

Key Points from the Episode:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a set it and forget it strategy. It's a constant set of systems and procedures that you need to implement across your entire site. 

2. SEO is one of the slowest form of marketing ( 4 to 6 months), but it's one of the most effective forms of marketing if done correctly. 

3. SEO is free advertising and based on organic search results. 

4. If you don't produce original content and host it on your site, you have very little to share on social media. Remember that you do not own social media accounts.  

5. Start getting familiar with non-industry lingo. What are the exact words your audience is searching for when they looking for something in google?

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