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Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

What if I told you that I can tell the difference between a nonprofit that has a marketing plan and one that doesn't? 

Nonprofits that have a strong marketing plan are not posting on social media to stay relevant, they aren't producing content because it's what similar organizations are doing, they are doing the aforementioned because it's a part of their strategy to make a strong impact. Everything has a purpose. 

The Nonprofit Marketing Plan template is designed to provide you with a framework to outline your marketing success for the year.  

The template includes the following sections:

  • Goal Setting 
  • Target Audience Profile 
  • Competitive Analysis + SWOT Analysis 
  • Budget 
  • Marketing Tactics 
  • and more...

Disclaimer: The advice provided in this document is general. Before acting on this advice, please consider whether the advice is appropriate based on your goals, objectives, and needs.