How to Successfully Incorporate Social Media in Your Event Planning: Interview With Katrina Brooks

Katrina Brooks, MS combined her passion for social media and desire to help small businesses as well as the nonprofit sector to form Katrina Brooks, LLC, a social media management company. Katrina has more than ten years of working with external clients in a variety of environments. Her experience not only includes social media but administrative support and event management. Katrina brings her leadership skills and her ability to coordinate multiple projects at one time to her day-to-day work in training, planning, and execution for her clients.

In this interview, Katrina provides insights on how nonprofits can successfully incorporate social media into their event planning. 

Five Main Takeways:

1. Always plan ahead ahead of time. Have a strategy for social media pre, during, and post event. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a content or editorial calendar

2. Use tools to assist you. If you aren't great at graphics, use tools like Canva to help you create social media images. Think about using social media automation tools to schedule your content in advance. 

3. You don't need to be on every single platform to make an impact. Stick with what you currently have, where your audience is, and won't require the most work. 

4. Don't make it difficult for your audience to find or purchase your tickets. What platforms (such as Facebook events), can serve as a one-stop shop for your audience?

5. Lean on your team. Incorporating social media into event planning isn't an easy thing to do. Lean on your marketing team, hire a freelancer, or gather brand ambassadors to help you get the word out. 

Recommended Resources: 

1. Sprout Social

2. Planoloy

3. Hootsuite

4. Facebook Events

5. Eventbrite

6. Canva